Press Release

  • 16.05.2017

    AMNT: President warns against loss of nuclear expertise

    In his speech at the 48th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT 2017), the President of the DAtF (German Atomic Forum), Dr. Ralf Güldner, warned against the loss of nuclear expertise and of nuclear research and industry in Germany.


AMNT 2017

Our 48th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology offered an excellent programme and unique opportunities for networking and business.


atw Journal for NP | 5/2017

atw 5/2017
  • Nuclear Power in a Global Perspective
  • Ripple Effects of a New Nuclear Science Site
  • Reactivity Feedback Coefficients of the Pakistan Research Reactor
  • Cyber-security and the Nuclear Industry

atw 05/2017 | The Long Path to a Disposal for High Radioactive Waste - III

A new conceptual-configurative approach and a new simulation tool for the development of an improved process and system understanding for HAW disposal systems – without and with direct long-term monitoring are presented and discussed.



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